TTSH, Arp2600 Clone - Finished

Today I got the case for my TTSH. Time for final assembly: mounting the power inlet, spring tank and the panel with attached PCB. Then I hooked it all up to my modular synth & monitors and behold, here's what the finished machine looks like (I think this is the actual patch you can hear in patch 0019 above).


There is quite a bit of hiss on the reverb, due to the fact that, as you can see in the picture below, it is mounted very near the power supply, so there's some esd/emi interference. I'll think about a way of reducing that, maybe I'll mount a piece of 2mm steel sheeting between the two, that should do the trick. I might even go the extra mile and dig a bit into the Theory of Spring Tank Mounting... We'll see.

ttsh-case-marriage more about Sigtryggs TTSH

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