Arp1601 sequencer clone - finished

I finally managed to finish the Arp1601 sequencer DIY-clone. Admittedly, my first attempts at using the machine are still a bit half-assed (I used only ttsh & arp1601 on patch 0020)- I'll definitely take some time to tap the potential of the triple gate bus system. It's very playable I guess, but you first have to get your head around it. Anyway, just look at this thing:


The build was pretty straightforward and comparatively quick (talking TTSH, haha). Actually, due to an ongoing shortage in slide-potentiometers, it's been sitting around almost finished for about two months now - last week i finally got my sliders, installed them and ran into two problems. Today, I found the sources of both problems and was able to solve them.

There was a teeny tiny, almost microscopic, bit of resistor-lead that got lodged between base and collector of the 2n3906 driving the clock-LED. I must have overlooked that on my first inspection. Anyway, it fried the Transistor on first power up, so that's why I had no LED action on the clock frequency slider. I replaced the fried tranny - now I've got LED action.

Carefully looking at the schematic provided in the Muff Wiggler build-thread I was able to track down my second problem, the non working clock PWM slider, to the LM3046 SMD chip which I substituted for the CA3086 @ Z4.


When soldering the pins to the bottom of the SOIC-to-DIP conversion board that was necessary for the substitution, I missed a few pins (memo to myself for future projects: always use through hole soldered adaptors, they're a waaay easier fix) - luckily enough, I was able to reach under the adaptor with my soldering iron and got all but one pin connected. That last pin was grounded in the schematic, so I just went ahead an soldered a tiny wire directly from the SMD chip's pin to ground.

And now everything is working just fine, I'm good to go!

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